SolarFuel in the energy system

Electricity from wind and sun is generated at irregular intervals

Only the large-scale storage of energy can reliably secure an economic supply from renewable sources.

The amount of electricity being generated from the wind and the sun is increasing the world over. One problem is the lack of electricity storage facilities for green electricity, which is generated at irregular intervals, since wind and solar power is often produced at times when it is not needed.

In collaboration with leading German research institutes, SolarFuel has succeeded in converting renewable electricity into synthetic natural gas, thus enabling it to be stored.

The SolarFuel power-to-gas method converts green electricity into CO2 neutral, renewable natural gas. The advantages:

  • The accommodation of larger shares of renewable electricity in the energy system is possible.
  • Renewable natural gas stores the electricity for long periods of time and can be accessed at all times.
  • The natural gas infrastructure with its large-scale capacities can keep energy in storage for several months.

In this way, the existing natural gas network becomes a cornerstone for the renewable energy system, and provides the storage and transport capacities which are not available in the power grid.